What is barbeque?

Barbeque, as we define it, is the act of smoking meat slowly at a low temperature. We have a firebox that burns the wood and cooks the meat through an indirect method. By doing this, we achieve the most tender flavorful meat possible.

Why is the meat so pink?

Our meat is fully cooked and well done. The pink color you see is called a smoke ring. This is an indication of true slow smoked barbecue and is what gives our meat its unique flavor.

What is Brisket?

Brisket is beef and is arguably one of the toughest parts of the steer. It takes hours to transform this ornery cut into a succulent, tender piece of meat.

What kind of Ribs do you Have?

Our ribs are pork, and the cut is referred to as St. Louis-cut. We serve this type because, through our smoking techniques, we can give you a large, tender, meaty rib. Some places parboil or bake ribs to quickly make them “fall off the bone”. Our ribs are rubbed with our exclusive seasoning blend, then slowly smoked to meet the rigid competition standards for “bite off the bone” ribs.

What is a Spiedie?

Great question... Actually, Spiedies (SPEE-dees), born in Endicott NY are made of a single kind of meat, traditionally lamb, but now quite often pork or chicken, that has been cut into one inch cubes, marinated for 24 hours or more in a special marinade close to italian salad dressing, but do not confuse the 2. Its special!! then roasted on skewers over a grill, and then served on a slice of Italian bread or a roll.

There is no need to add anything else to the sandwich, no condiments, no vegetables, no seasonings, because the marinade does the flavoring beforehand. As the marinated meat is cooking, the juices drip lightly onto the fire, creating a delicious smoking effect, and whetting the appetites of all nearby as the aroma spreads through the air.

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